Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.96

The rose above the middle of the great world, for new deeds public shedding of blood: To speak the truth, they will have closed mouths, then at a time of need the awaited one will come late. 

Although one meaning, as we will discover, might have concerned the murder of Princess Diana ("England's Rose") in Paris, and another (immediately below) concerns an infamous  religious cult causing the spectacular suicide of a popular fashion model, ultimately "The Rose" is about a LIVING WOMAN, alive in our time, one who has claimed The Rose as her device, and not about someone who is connected to this special flower after death.

It was reported in 2011 by various news sources that a 1970's American mind-control cult similar to Scientology called "The Rose of the World" remains active in other countries, including Russia. An investigation by filmmaker Peter Pomerantsev concluded without a doubt that Russian supermodel Ruslana Korshunova, who leapt to her death from a building site adjacent to her 9th floor Manhattan apartment on June 28, 2008, belonged to this cult. So too did another prominent model, Anastasia Drozdova, a close friend of Ruslana's, who also leapt to her death in 2009. Both were members of the cult, Rose of the World.

Ruslana allegedly wrote the following on her web page before leaping to her death: "My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow it is too high." A search of Anastasia's room yielded the following cryptic message from Rose of the World: "Anastasia, your lullaby is winter's end. You're on your way."

Ruslana's body was found 8.5 meters from the building from which she fell.

Pomerantsev had this to say about Ruslana's alleged suicide "jump":

"8.5 meters? That's not a fall. That's a leap. That's almost flight. She didn't stand on the ledge and take a step off. She took a run and soared."

Manhattan is the financial center of the world ("middle of the great world"). Ruslana Korshunova's blood was shed publicly, but for what "new deeds" remains a mystery.

Princess Diana was the most famous and glamorous woman in "the great world." After her tragic death, singer and songwriter Elton John rewrote the lyrics for "Candle In The Wind," which had been a tribute to actress Marilyn Monroe, and applied them to Diana, calling her "England's Rose." If the second line does apply to her, she was killed because of "new deeds": possibly her affair with boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed. The French authorities have frustrated the international public which adored Diana by being tight-lipped about the investigation. It is doubtful they will ever "speak the truth," perhaps because French secret police were involved in the murder plot.

For many years I and many others bought into the idea that Diana was "the Rose." However, the Rose appears in other quatrains that do not apply well to Diana. The fact is, Diana was never nicknamed "the Rose" during her life ... but not until John eulogized her as such. It is highly doubtful therefore that Diana was ever "the Rose" of Nostradamus prophecy. It is also unlikely to refer to Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle or humanitarian actress Angelina Jolie.

Still, I believe "The Rose" is a person ... and that person will be a very famous female. Furthermore, because I spent close to a quarter of century linking "The Rose" to Princess Diana, this person probably also believes in the connection.

Let me say to that person: you do not have to be another Diana to be "The Rose." You will be "The Rose" by your own designs and your own beliefs. When the time finally arrives, you shall become "The Rose" entirely on your own!

And who might this person be?

The only living human being I am aware of who has publicly made a connection between herself and The Rose to millions of people time and time again since the year 2019.

The color of love: Britney Spears, 41, looked ‘pretty in pink’ on Friday as she modeled an off-the-shoulder mini dress for a new Instagram video.  A photo of the late Princess Diana hangs on the wall in the background.

The connection between Britney's pink dress and the image of Princess Diana is obvious, is it not? This is a continuation of what Britney has called "Project Rose." I believe that project is Britney transforming herself into the personification known in Nostradamus prophecy as THE ROSE.

No one else has ever laid claim to the title "the Rose" ... not before Diana and not after she died. In fact, not even Diana did ... that was Elton John's doing. If anyone ever does lay claim to "the Rose" they have to be someone very famous.

Thus, in the summer of 2019, someone very famous began associating herself with the symbol of the rose. "Project Rose" first emerged that summer on Instagram in the person of singer Britney Spears, still imprisoned by and under control of a conservatorship. Project Rose was cryptically seen labeled as “Just a Touch of Rose” and featured Britney wearing a garland of pink roses in her hair. It was a new project she was working on was all she would say.

In summer 2020, and ever since, Project Rose and "Rose" have been names we would read about and hear about from Britney Spears sporadically. It is clear that Britney believes she IS "the Rose" ... a kind of alter ego or symbolic name. It is also clear she is aware of the Princess Diana link I have made to the Rose as well since she associates it with emoji symbols of the British flag and because she also recorded a popular song with Elton John who dedicated "Tiny Dancer" to Britney in the same way he had dedicated "Candle In The Wind (Goodbye Norma Jean)" to Diana. The difference being that Diana was dead while Britney is very much alive.

But the way she said that we can conclude she was only "approximating" two years!

So when does Britney believe she became The Rose? Regardless of the "Just a Touch of Rose" preview in summer 2019, on August 13, 2021, Britney declared "Project Rose is a year old and 9 days old!!!!" That would make the true starting date of "Rose" as August 4, 2020. Thus, her comment on October 24, 2022, was slightly off as she said "Rose is two years old." It would have been two years and two months and two weeks old at that time.

Britney has only gained a large measure of freedom from conservatorship since 2021. She was groomed (and I mean that in every sense of the word) for the world of popular music and entertainment by Disney and by her parents, with a strong emphasis on sexual exploitation. An especially strong sexual exploitation of Britney Spears.

Thus she lives in a confusing existence that is constantly in flux. One world is the world she would have realized perhaps as a model or actress rather than as a singer, as another Anna Nicole, Pamela Anderson, or Jayne Mansfield. We have been seeing glimpses of this type of Britney since she began to appear topless. One may well wonder what direction Diana would have moved in had she not been killed in 1997. She was only 36 when she died and had begun modeling for major fashion magazines. Perhaps she would have taken up acting, who can say? The other Britney, also with strong Diana ties, is the outraged humanitarian, outraged at what happened to her and has happened to others like her.

Britney Spears has enjoyed more worldwide popularity via Instagram and the #FreeBritney movement since 2019, and doing so within the confines of a highly restrictive conservatorship, than Madonna or Taylor Swift have in the last decade. Instagram has allowed her to pose for photos, share dance videos, and communicate with millions of fans.

Several documentaries of her life catapulted her fame even higher. In a sense, she has been in the spotlight during this time nearly as much as, and possibly more than, she was during 20 years of singing and dancing on stage and making music videos.

The real reason the star received so much unwanted attention during the period that triggered the conservatorship, 2007-08, had to do with the magnitude of her breakdown. I use the following quote to summarize: hers was "a collapse on a scale that we’d really never seen.” No, not even Marilyn Monroe's breakdowns had been so publicly witnessed via the news media. It was like being told there was a massive earthquake or volcanic eruption not seen in 100,000 years going on somewhere in the world and then being scolded later for watching. No one had ever seen any famous personality go through what Britney did during that tumultuous time. It was a MAJOR EVENT, like the outbreak of a major war. Yes, there were trolls who made fun of her but most of us we were shocked and spellbound. And many of the shocked and spellbound of 2007-08 became a part of the #FreeBritney movement.

Thirteen years of misery later and at last there came a light at the end of her tunnel. We all seek that light sooner or later because sooner or later we end up in tunnels of our own. Some tunnels are short and others are long. Some of us never find the way out ... or only discover the exit is an entrance to yet another tunnel. Well have I known, and still continue to know this, without going into details.

In my opinion, she is the most famous female on the planet and possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. SHE IS OUR 21st CENTURY VERSION OF MARILYN MONROE!

Yes, it is true that she will do something vulgar like flipping the bird at her fans or the public. Of course, Marilyn would never have done that, nor Diana, nor even Jayne Mansfield. But these are different times we live in, looser and much more expressive. She is still as close as we can get to such a figure as Marilyn or Diana today.

How popular she will remain depends on certain critical decisions that she will have to make.

Then again, if YouTube proved that one can become a popular entertainer, singer, musician, actor or whatever on the Internet, Britney Spears has proved that a famous stage and music video celebrity can greatly magnify his or her existing popularity merely by using social media, without making any kind of public or "televised" appearance.

But of course Britney's circumstances are unique to the hardships she has faced since 2007, making her Instagram performances and communications enticingly enigmatic.

One other characteristic I note as well is her ability to engage her audience on a seemingly one-to-one basis, although this is an illusion, but one she carries off well using basic eye contact skills. It is what is lacking from so many other performers ... the randomness in which they open up directly to the camera lens. They do it, but not consistently. Britney is if anything consistent with her eye contact and facial expressions. She is upfront and personal ... a hard thing to do for millions of fans. It makes one feel she is engaging you directly. In a sense she has created a new form of entertainment ... a more intimate kind because she is sharing so much of herself. That makes some fans think she is crazy ... but I don't think she is crazy at all.

One troubling connection to the Rose as Britney's device is the comparison being made between her and a character on the HBO series, The Idol, played by Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of actor Johnny Depp.

If Lily-Rose becomes increasingly famous in her own right, she may well end up as The Rose of Nostradamus's prophecy and not Britney Spears. However, if she does, she may suffer all the slings and arrows Britney suffered for so many years, and possibly much worse, which could even be fatal.

But for now, "The Rose" and its analogous "Maria River Red" (Britney's new name), remain symbols intimately attached to the former pop singing sensation and current Instagram dancing, modeling, and fandom communication icon. But Lily-Rose Depp, lest we forget, bears "Rose" in her name.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.97

Roman Pontiff beware of approaching the city that two rivers flow through, near there your blood will come to spurt, you and yours when the rose will flourish.

One enigma she has held up from time to time has been the symbol of the Rose. She seemingly abandoned "Project Rose" during the lengthy court proceedings to end her conservatorship. Now the image is back (from time to time) and there is no doubt she is qualifying herself with the symbol of "the rose." Why is still a mystery, but the last person associated with that symbol was Princess Diana. However, once again, the title she earned with that flower image was "England's Rose" rather than simply "the Rose" ... and it was posthumous. That may sound like a highly technical difference that should matter little, but it does matter a lot.

If Britney Spears is the actual embodiment of "the Rose" she may go on to even greater fame in the years ahead. And this period we have already entered, and are entering still, may indeed be what Nostradamus referred to as the time "when blooms the Rose."

I ask you, and have you ever wondered why the prophet capitalized the "R" in "Rose" in the Pope prophecy? A strange thing to do just to designate that spring has arrived.

The "Rose" appears in other prophecies, including one concerning great fame and power. If that truly IS about Britney then she will unseat and dethrone every living female icon on the planet.

Anytime the Pope decides to travel to a city watered by two rivers, he is potentially in very grave danger according to Nostradamus. The prophet warns the Pope to avoid doing so "when blooms the Rose." That of course would definitely point to April, May or June especially as far as a season of bloom. But the Rose can also have a double meaning when it is also applied to a person.

Pope Francis returned from Hungary and the two-river city of Budapest on April 30, 2023, safe and sound.  The last time there was any potential danger of prophecy fulfillment was when the Pope visited Iraq, but not at a time of roses blooming, and also when he visited Athens in 2021. Thus far, he has pulled through these two-river cities remarkably well. However, when this pope or perhaps his successor goes to a country with a city watered by two rivers, that may coincide with a major event in the life of Britney Spears.

Whether it is the book, a return to Las Vegas, or possibly being a part of Madonna's Celebration tour, it is clear Britney is on a path to greater stardom. If she is the Rose, she is beginning to bloom!

Here is a VERY RECENT photo of Britney (during the last week) holding her emblem or device, the rose, as yet another reminder that she is intimately linked to this flower and to prophecy:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.31

Through the land of Attica, fountain of wisdom, where presented will be the rose of the world: The bridge ruined, and its great preeminence will be subjected, a wreck amidst the waves.

Nostradamus places the Rose at different times and locations of our future: at a time when a pope is murdered while traveling abroad, when Greece is embroiled in a war with Turkey and other countries, and at a time of great bloodshed in the Middle East.

In the quatrain above it is not hard to imagine Britney performing live on tour in Greece someday.  She has a huge fan base there and even one with a special website devoted to her. Imagine how she might be received in Athens, given all the terrible things she suffered and endured during the conservatorship that she has managed to survive and better herself so much since finally being free of it. It might be a major event meeting the president of Greece and given the keys to the city!

Nostradamus also associates the Rose with the wisdom of the ancient Greeks. Britney knows what I have suspected for many years, that Time is an illusion: “Rose is two years old but what if time is an illusion!!!??? I’m wearing the same necklace TODAY that I’m wearing here!!!” she says in an article above.  Essentially, she is saying Time does not even exist, and I have often said it is CHANGE we measure, and call it TIME. And the change we measure is almost always human and animal change, biological change, because in most of the world and universe change is so slow as to be practically non-existent.

Centuries ago wealthy or well-to-do people were born in a manor, a castle, a mansion, and grew up there, married and had children there, and died there. Generations may have lived and perished there, but the edifice they lived in never changed or changed little. The universe is like that edifice. Britney knows that even with biological change, people tend to change very little in a year (unless illness or lifestyle issues change their appearance) ... and that necklace round her neck will outlast her for centuries to come. Thus, Time is an illusion.

Is Britney in any danger? I see nothing certain in prophecy to indicate this. But from an historical repetition perspective, she is entering among the female greats at a time of potential turmoil. Sharing her body with her public ... her fans ... is so much like Jayne Mansfield, and Jayne was killed with a new boyfriend in a car crash in 1967. But there have been many parallels also made between Britney and Marilyn Monroe over the years. After her divorce from playwright Arthur Miller in 1961, Marilyn lived for only another 19 months and then committed suicide from a drug overdose.

Thus, Britney moves into greater fame, the fame of Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and Sharon Tate between August and December 2025. What happened to these and other female icons on the same line of repetition, like Whitney Houston, Thelma Todd, Carole Lombard and Isadora Duncan, is quite obvious.

There could also be danger to Britney at a much later time if she is the prophesied "Lady of the Garland" discussed in the section below.

The more attention and popularity Britney Spears receives, regardless of her good intentions, the greater the danger. Sadly, it is the nature of the times we are in and moving further into.

The Dark Rose Prophecies

Unfortunately, not everything will always be rosy for The Rose, whether that is Britney or someone else. At this time, Britney is the most logical one to apply the above predictions to ... those that have been discussed so far. In the darker rose prophecies, there is one quatrain where it appears The Rose will be involved in the poisoning death of a "slow old woman."

Before I continue it is important to note that there a few ways to translate the quatrain below. It could be about the Rose making a cake, but it could also be that roses are an ingredient in the cake. If it is the latter, then this quatrain may have nothing to do with Britney Spears at all! It may apply to some future event, even a far future event involving other people. 

Still it is a bit of "dark fun" because she is so much on the outs with her family over the conservatorship and other things. So take it with a big grain of salt with tongue firmly placed in cheek!

Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.36

The sister's brother through quarrel and deceit with The Rose to mix dew in the mineral: On the cake given to the slow old woman, she dies tasting it, she will be simple and rustic.

Lynne Spears should be cautious if Britney, "The Rose," should ever decide to throw a party for dad, Jamie. On the surface of things, when reading the quatrain above, it looks as though there will be a deliberate poisoning of a "slow old woman" ... which could be mother Lynne. Jokingly, I suggested Britney might save a big slice for daddy, but that in fact may be the real cause of what could happen. It appears that Britney and her mom are best friends again, Lynne is even outraged that Sam ran out on Brit. I agree with her sentiments. I would add that determining who "the brother" is is much more simple now that brother Bryan is back in Britney's life, helping her out now that she is divorced. However, I can't believe there is any way in helBritney will ever reunite with dear old dad, Jamie Spears being the architect of her 13 years of conservatorship. 

Thus it may be Jamie Spears who is intended to feel Britney's wrath at an unexpected surprise party, a kind of phony effort at making up with daddy. But Lynne may show and decide to have a taste of the wonderful cake Britney's crew will have baked.

If Nostradamus is correct, it is possible that Britney, Jamie Lynn, and Lynne will patch things up again, but not with dear old dad. This quatrain also suggests some new "quarrel and deceit" may occur even worse than those past.

Like the 1950 pop song by The New Yorkers, "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake," Britney will see Jamie coming well in advance. And the cake will have a special, very tasty ingredient!

With on again, off again, hostilities and making up periods so flippy, this quatrain is not necessarily going to happen anytime soon ... and there's a chance it can be averted altogether. Otherwise, it will be a dark desert indeed for daddy, but quite by accident it could be Lynne who tastes it.

BLOOPER: Oops! Britney eats the cake by mistake!

In the following quatrain, it is possible The Rose may either lose her fame, fortune and position in the world or worse, may meet her death. If it is death, it will be a terrible one.

Bear in mind however that, using my base 7 system, this may not take place until as late as 2037 or 2038, when Britney is 55 or 56 years old (same age as actress Naomi Watts is now). That's a long time from now and, frankly, next to none of us are probably going to survive the three days of darkness that may come in 2039 anyway.

So, I know I said earlier that I saw nothing in Nostradamus to indicate death for the Rose, then I remembered the following verse about a popular woman who wears a garland of flowers in her hair. The most popular flower to wear in garlands, especially in Europe, appears to be a tie between the rose and the lily. We cannot entirely rule out the lily as there is a future female and several men in Nostradamus prophecy associated with that flower. But today the only famous young woman I have seen time and again wearing a garland of any kind in her hair is Britney Spears, and that flower is always the rose. So, there is a good chance this is yet another "rose" quatrain.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 10.47

From the town of Burgos to the Lady of the Garland they will impose a severe punishment for the treason committed: The great prelate of Leon through Formentera will decide her fate, the Lady to be undone by false pilgrims and rapists. 

Britney Spears without doubt is "the Lady of the Garland" who appears in this Nostradamus prophecy, Quatrain 10.47. Not only is Britney "The Rose" due to her use of that flower as her symbol, but also because she often poses wearing a garland of roses in her hair. It is a very serious and important prophecy because there is some chance in the future that Britney, loved and adored in Greece and most of the world, will get into trouble in Spain and could face charges of treason and be sentenced to death. The charges would probably be false, but that would not matter to religious authorities and governors in the town of Burgos, nor would it matter to the Prelate of Leon. It would appear that they will allow a huge mob of false Britney fans as well as rapists recently released or escaped from prison to do terrible things to her that might result in her death. 

She might escape this fate and move on with her life or this event in Spain could be the end of her and her death. I don't see this happening any time soon, most likely in the late 2030's when Britney is well into her 50's.

Spain apparently will become a very dangerous place in the future, even the far future, as several famous young women many years from now will either travel there or be forcibly transported there and then killed or executed. 

One female in the late 2100's will have the beauty of Lais or else the beauty of "Lady Di." She will die a horrible death by execution, possibly by the dreaded iron collar (death by garroting). Another woman in the 2200's will be a very famous and attractive high-priced prostitute, abducted and transported to Spain by sex traffickers. Her miserable death will be at the hands of a mob of sexually crazed and violent people (similar to what happens to the Lady of the Garland). Also a very famous and beautiful woman, possibly royalty, will be assassinated, possibly shot with a high-powered rifle, in the 2060's or 2070's while she is in a balcony theater seat watching a live music concert. The assassin, who may also be of minor royalty or aristocracy, will come from a region of Spain during a time of mass protests, arsonist fires, and widespread violence there.

Quatrain 5.96 and Three Dark Lines

Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.96

The rose above the middle of the great world, for new deeds public shedding of blood: To speak the truth, they will have closed mouths, then at a time of need the awaited one will come late.

We can pretty much agree that the first line was fulfilled by Britney just prior to, during, and since being freed from her conservatorship. This includes all the work of the FreeBritney Movement and all the documentaries made about her around that time (even though she hates them). It can also refer to additional stardom to come besides what she is currently enjoying on Instagram or X.

It is also possible that this is the only rose quatrain that might even apply to Britney Spears. It is not impossible there may be other "Roses" in the future. But as this is a THEME page (all of the pages on this site are thematic), I apply all relevant quatrains to the same person. That is the way it is usually done when commentators discuss themes in Nostradamus.

The second line, "for new deeds public shedding of blood," could easily be about conditions in the United States since 2020. Crime, violence, riots, arson, murder ... ever since the killing of George Floyd each year has grown bloodier and more violent. And that may be all the line is about, conditions in the US occurring during the time Britney's popularity has soared. It is easy to imagine Britney as disturbed by all the violence and even frightened by it.

Line 3 reads, "To speak the truth, they will have closed mouths."

That too could have already happened since the wellness check by fans occurred earlier this year. Most of her fans have pretty much been told to "f**k off" and Britney has repeated "Don't f**k with me."

Thus, line 3 means everyone is being intimidated by Britney into keeping their mouths shut and not tell any truth or speak their mind.

Line 4 tells us that whoever Britney is waiting for will finally arrive ... but he will arrive late. He can arrive late, but still in time, or he can arrive too late ... too late to save her from whatever mess she is in or, worse, from herself. 

That is up to Britney.

A Dark but Different Rose

Nostradamus foresaw a famous female renown for many years as a blonde actress, dancer and singer... one who would be greater than all previous blonde female entertainers. However, in several quatrains he indicates another famous female such as she would be a redhead, adored and loved, but thoroughly evil.

Someone recently emailed me that the "Rose" (who I still believe to be pop sensation Britney Spears) will actually be a Canadian ... a redhead who will turn out to be the Whore of Babylon (or else another forerunner). 

Then again, one has to wonder why Britney has changed her name to "Maria River Red"? Has she future plans for dying her hair red?

How evil could this redheaded "Rose" be or become? We sincerely hope if Britney becomes a redhead, she does not turn to the ways of evil. But as for the female from Canada there is no way to know. The following quatrain gives us an idea, and it is pretty bad:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.80 ~

Of the innocents, the blood of widows and virgins, so many evils done by means of the great Red, holy simulacrums dipped in a burning candle, from terror and fear, no one will be seen who moves. 

Nostradamus, Quatrain 9.46 ~

The Red one flees from Toulouse, a sacrifice to make atonement. The leader of evil under the shadow of gourds: Strangled to death, a carnal prophecy. 

This woman's enemies could come from the religious right, Evangelical Christians and Catholics. "The leader of evil" would seem an unlikely figure to be associated with this group. Unless he is using Christianity as a cover for his otherwise evil intentions.

Then again it must always be remembered that in Biblical prophecy, the beast and his ten "knights" always hate the Whore of Babylon and seek her destruction. What happens in Revelation could easily be prefigured archetypically a number of times in the future, and this could be the first notable case. If so, this leader may well be an Antichrist figure. Thus this "Dark Rose" may have enemies from the Far Right and also from the Far Left ... and I suspect this "leader of evil" is from the Far Left. He may even be the head of the Illuminati.

In the rather ambiguous prediction above (which in some renderings has her trying to escape "the reds" or "the red ones"), the iconic female may break with the radical Left and gradually become the enemy of the Wokeists, Antifa, and so-called Progressives ... for they are nothing more than mindless Revolutionaries seeking to overthrow the government and take over the country as they have taken control of the streets since 2020. It is sad to say but perhaps it will be lack of protection anywhere in the world that may drive her to conform to the strange prophecies of Nostradamus.

It must be remembered that Britney Spears is the only logical candidate for being "the Rose" and "the Lady of the Garland" at this time.  Actress Lily-Rose Depp could change the situation simply because of her very name (Lily-Rose) and because she channeled Britney so frequently during the making of The Idol. It is not impossible Britney will be bypassed and Lily-Rose Depp could become the "the Rose" instead. 

And then there is the mysterious Canadian woman who made the claim to me by email that she is "The Rose" and will prove it to the world soon, possibly next year. I remain in communication with her, however I am not allowed to say much about her other than that she has red hair. I cannot post our email correspondence on either of my websites. 

So it is not entirely certain that Britney Spears will be "the Rose" or "the Lady of the Garland" ... but she is the only publicly visible and famous candidate we have right now. I did so wish it could have been her, it might have saved her life. Now she faces the doom of the centuries shared by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, and Princess Diana sometime in 2025 or after her birthday in early 2026.


There are many ways to be linked to ancient goddesses such as Isis and Ishtar without ending up as a forerunner or actual incarnation of The Whore of Babylon. This linkage is not always bad. The late Princess Diana as a new future goddess Diana for example has an indirect linkage to Ishtar and the result did not make her the Whore of Babylon nor will it in the supernatural future. But there is one association that is dark indeed and promises certain doom and death for the female archetype or actual figure in the end if the link is direct. Pop star Madonna made such a direct relationship and became the first universal archetype, but after the Madame X tour she retired from it in the nick of time, I believe, and in so doing saved herself. However, most females who make a direct link to the WOB will not be so fortunate. Burning, beheading, strangulation, garroting, being torn to pieces or cannibalized by mobs, falling to their deaths from a great height, and other terrible endings are what lie in wait for all those who follow this darkest of rose paths.

The Rose is closely associated with the goddess Isis, one of the major Egyptian deities that would evolve into the worship of Ishtar and her human representative, Semiramis, the original "whore of Babylon." It is also associated with Hecate, goddess of the crossroads and the underworld, the third member of the triple goddess Diana/Selene/Hecate (which evolved centuries later from the goddess Ishtar). Hecate wore a garland of roses in her hair. The rose also was a symbol for Aphrodite and Cybele, both later manifestations of Ishtar. In Christianity the rose becomes the Rosa Mystica and is associated with the Virgin Mary.

So, it would certainly appear that Britney Spears was attempting to escape the underworld (her conservatorship) as Hecate, even wearing a garland of roses in her hair for this purpose, and sharing her body with her fans and followers on Instagram as the sacred prostitute goddess Ishtar. She has done this in hopes of rising "above the middle of the great world" as Semiramis, the human goddess form of Ishtar.

Thus, she may become the most serious successor to Madonna in the role of "Whore of Babylon." Others like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift (as popular as she is), Beyonce, and others have all fallen by the roadside. In the space of three years she eclipsed almost everything Madonna ever achieved. In the next three years, Britney Spears could actually become what Madonna aspired to be for nearly 40 years.

In my opinion she was making all the right moves, even down to that garland of Hecate (have no doubts that she may well be "the Lady of Garland"). She even latched on to a man, Sam Asghari, who could have been transformed into the sacrificial god, the Sumerian Tammuz. His Egyptian counterpart was Osiris. One more reason she may have worn the garland of Hecate, so that she could symbolically descend into Hades to attain even greater power.

The goddess Ishtar allowed her consort to be killed as a sacrifice to take her place in the underworld. In one tale, out of remorse following a period of great mourning, she has the sister of Tammuz spend six months of each year in Hades, allowing Tammuz to return to life and reign with her the other six months. Thus, if only for six months a year, Tammuz has been resurrected.

Ishtar was moody, changing rapidly from love to enmity. She protected her favorites, but brought doom upon those who dishonored her, sometimes with terrible consequences for whole nations. 

Note how Britney has been rewarding and heaping thanks on those who have supported her during the 13 years of conservatorship and helping her seek freedom, and yet is periodically set to wreak a terrible revenge against members of her family who she blames for those lost years, especially father Jamie, but  also all those she feels have not supported her (even in some cases people who HAVE supported her). This moodiness that Britney exhibits, time again, is likely manic-depression. Her highs are giddy and fantastic, her lows at worst are destructive and self-destructive ... it is her fits of depression that got her into trouble and conservatorship to begin with.

The mortal Ishtar, Semiramis, was married to the Babylonian king, Nimrod. She had an adulterous affair while married to Nimrod and during that time Nimrod died violently. Afterwards she gave birth to a son, Tammuz. To avoid being discovered as an adulteress, she made the claim that Nimrod had become the sun god after his death and had miraculously impregnated her with the sun's rays. She then declared that Tammuz was Nimrod reincarnated. 

Gratefully, we can see no connection between Britney and Semiramis on that count at least.

This is the OCCULT version of the Ishtar/Tammuz myth, one which has been radically altered. The occult version was created so as to conform with the prophecies of the Whore of Babylon and the beast, both found together in the Book of Revelation. The plan is to fulfill an alternative version of the prophecy where the whore is exalted but later killed by the beast who reigns for a thousand years. It is Man's attempt to subvert prophecy so as to achieve his own ends, but they will fail and God's word will be fulfilled as promised.