Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

In a large city a monk and an artisan,
Lodged near the door, gate and at the walls:
Secret against Modena, in a cellar speaking,
 Betrayed under the false color of marriages.

There is one female Nostradamus could not possibly have ignored, and there are personalities in his prophecies that clearly are NOT members of royalty. Rather, they are a future elite, renown for other reasons, and likely for certain talents and abilities that have nothing to with leadership. In modern terms we call them celebrities, stars, or pop sensations. One of these appears under different guises, but especially as a "supreme one" who has blonde hair, "the antic dame," the "whore" (of Babylon), and a variation of her actual name: Modena.

Although Modena is a town in Italy, it is used as a person in one of his quatrains. It makes no sense as a town in the prophecy, only as a personality. "Modena" can be used as a personal (or first) name. There are sixteen related names for Modena, names that Nostradamus could have substituted "Modena" for, including Medina, Modene, Modenna, Maudine, and Madina. One of these sixteen related names, of course, is MADONNA. 

This woman will forever be remembered. Even 100 years from now, 200 years or more, she will be emulated and studied. 

She was the first of her kind: a true "Whore of Babylon" (a role she created and encouraged to be associated with her), Goddess of the Occult, and Highest Priestess of Kabbalah in modern times. Indeed, a very intriguing creature.

She was ... for decades... "the Greatest Show on Earth." 

Her musical talent, her elaborate choreographed sets, her masterful dance and showmanship, her shrewd, aggressive and brilliant self-promotion, her image, her persona, her raw and thoroughly wicked sexuality, her contrariness and unpredictablity, her controversies ... only in myth or legend did such a being ever exist as Madonna. 

Cultural impact of Madonna 

Called the "Queen of Pop", Madonna is labeled by international authors as the greatest woman in music, as well as the most influential and iconic female recording artist of all time. 

A global cultural icon, Madonna has built a legacy that goes beyond music and has been studied by sociologists, historians and other social scientists. Her impact is often compared with that of The Beatles and Elvis Presley; they are the best selling acts of all time in the general, solo male and female category respectively. Madonna is a key figure in popular music; critics have retrospectively credited her presence, success and contributions with paving the way for every female artist and changing forever the music scene for women in the music history, as well as for today's pop stars. Even reviews of her work have served as a roadmap for scrutinizing women at each stage in their music career. 

Madonna is the first multimedia pop icon in history and professionals agree that she has become the world's biggest and most socially significant pop icon, as well as the most controversial. However, some intellectuals, like the Frenchman Georges Claude Guilbert, felt that she has greater cultural importance, like a myth, that has apparent universality and timelessness." "Madonna is the first and only multimedia figure in the history of popular culture. Madonna as a pop icon and figure on popular culture has generated scrutine analysis, but some journalists and critics like Carol Clerk wrote that "during her career, Madonna has transcended the term 'pop star' to become a global cultural icon." Andrew Morton wrote in his book Madonna (2002) that "she is the undisputed female icon of the modern age". Also cited as one of the most fascinating women and enigmatic in current history. Madonna is part of the Culture of United States and an American icon. Authors in American Icons (2006) felt that "like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Coca-Cola, Madonna image is immediately recognizable around the world and instantly communicates many of the values of U.S. culture." 

The accolades go on and on. People may laugh, but how would it have been possible for Nostradamus to NOT have foreseen her life, career, religion, cultural impact on the WORLD as well as the US ... and yes, her death. There is no question that he also saw the advent and tragic demise of Princess Diana, who he actually named as Diana in several quatrains. I don't believe for one moment that Madonna is the only other female beside Diana he foresaw ... there are other famous females who do not sound like anyone who has ever existed nor appear to be about Madonna either. 


The Whore of Babylon role was Madonna's own creation and had its beginnings back in 1993 when she recorded and appeared in the video remix, “Justify My Love” (The Beast Within Mix). Madonna and co-writer Lenny Kravitz replaced the verses of "Justify My Love" with excerpts from the Book of Revelation. She appeared as the whore of Babylon and the beast in the video. This move was prefigured by her controversial video of "Like A Prayer" in 1989.

The Re-Invention World Tour (billed as Re-Invention World Tour 2004) was the sixth concert tour by singer-songwriter Madonna. It was tentatively named the Whore of Babylon World Tour 2004. However it was changed to The Re-Invention World Tour, and that was officially confirmed by Caresse Henry on March 23, 2004.

I consider the actual start of her role as "The Whore of Babylon" as beginning during The Confessions Tour in 2006. The tour's performance of "Live to Tell" faced strong reaction from religious groups, as it found Madonna wearing a crown of thorns while being raised on a mirrored cross, simulating the crucifixion of Jesus. She was wearing a scarlet blouse at the time, a color (along with purple) associated with the Whore of Babylon as portrayed in Revelation. 

From that point on Madonna continued to engage in the conceit of being this Biblical figure in various ways, including being declared a goddess during the halftime show of Superbowl 2012.

Her role as the most infamous woman in future history came to an abrupt end after 13 long years when injuries made it difficult to continue her Madame X Tour with any degree of continuity. The COVID-19 pandemic was the final nail in the coffin, bringing about a premature conclusion.

Madonna is the archetype upon which many future whores of Babylon may be recreated. Some will fall short of her greatness, others equally as great will unfortunately not have her endurance (her endurance up to early 2020 anyway), some will fall victim to tragic circumstances before they can fully prove themselves.

But one will surely persevere, and work her magic and talent in seductive ways, denying no one anything within the realm of imagination, even the knowledge of her own body. 

Since 2020 there has been little evidence that she wishes to continue the role, although she performed a burning death of a redheaded whore of Babylon in an Instagram video and also approved of artwork in Vanity Fair portraying her as Jesus at the Last Supper in the company of twelve whores.

I guess we'll know if she has finally ditched the role when she tours later in 2023.

SO What's It All About Now?

Apparently it is about what it was all about in the 1980's and parts of the 1990's, even in the early Noughties.

In one word it is about "SEX."

Once again, Madonna has returned to an earlier role: as a sex symbol ... or at least her idea of what a sex symbol should look like, which sadly has been hit and miss with her these days. 

Once again she plays the sex card, sometimes successfully and maybe for the last time, or maybe for the next few hundred years. No one has endured in the world of pop music and film as an icon with a global following for as many years as she did up until the pandemic hit. 

At age 64, Madonna has toyed with various images, including posing as Marilyn Monroe in the famous actress's final photo shoot and also as she was discovered: dead and naked in bed.

There is no way Nostradamus could have overlooked such a blonde-haired figure (one who "spent too much time a high blonde"), one so great she is or once was "supreme" over all others, even if this type of fame was all but unknown back in the mid 1500's. The earliest opera was written and performed in 1597 ... some thirty years after the prophet's death ... and that is lost. The comedies and plays performed in ancient Greece and Rome pre-dated Nostradamus by over a thousand years. The concept of pop music or an entertainment world did not exist. Yet he writes about a future empress who is murdered while "seated above the orchestra" (suggesting she is watching from a balcony). These things did not exist in his time, but he knew about them all the same. 

Madonna appears to have several favorite personas she uses on Instagram and elsewhere.

One of these I have always thought was about her positive stand concerning transhumanism ... the end and reversal of the aging process and biological immortality via computer and AI robotics technology. In this photo taken a while ago, she looks very much like an AI robot ... the kind many men (and some women) are paying thousands of dollars and euros for to serve as sexual partners (but without the strange hair):

I considered the possibility that she might volunteer to pioneer this form of life extension, even to demonstrate what humans will need to do. Of course, one necessary stage would be an interfacing of the organic brain with an AI brain. New language skills would have to be learned as semi-robotic, immortal humans would have to speak and understand the vocabulary and reasoning algorithms of artificially intelligent speech. Another would be to treat the human face as a canvas upon which one can "paint" any type of expression and personality.

As intriguing a concept as that might have been, the mysteries and potentials surrounding the immediate aftermath of Madonna's cosmetic surgery last year are finally subsiding. 

For approximately a nine-month period, she found an identity that worked very well: that of a buxom, shapely, sexy redhead. News services picked up on this as their favorite image to use (although there is another one they have used more recently that is quite awful).

Anyone can make a mistake though, in any case. I thought she looked great before this most recent surgery happened last year. The only attacks she got were the possible use of filters to make her look decades younger. But some photos taken of her in public without filters and before the surgical mishap showed a woman who looked a good ten or fifteen years younger than her age. She should have left well enough alone. 

In any event, the filler dissolving technique she planned, along with a rumored slight corrective surgery, apparently did the trick. Plus now, partly due to her planned Celebration tour, she is back to being a blonde again, at least for the time being. 

Madonna made blonde bigger than anyone, including Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, previously the two most famous blondes in history. The only other ultra famous blonde today is Britney Spears.

She made the change in June 2023, a few weeks before being found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital with a near fatal sepsis infection.  Overly focusing on the planned tour made her unaware of the signs and symptoms of just how ill she was becoming. Thankfully she pulled through, frightening and worrying many of us during her hospitalization. The tour will still go ahead, but will start much later than originally planned. Which is just as well. Better no tour at all than to lose Madonna to such a tragedy. Regardless of what a spiteful, hateful youth believes, 64 is young by today's standards, thanks to the marvels of medical science over the last 30 years or so and a much longer life span on average. 

Future Enemies: What Role Will She Play?

One big question is what role will Madonna play that will earn her so many enemies, including the "monk and artisan" of Quatrain 6.73 (at top). 

Her upcoming Celebration tour will largely focus on the music she recorded in the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's ... well before the Confessions Tour of 2006 that sealed her role as Whore of Babylon. It has been characterized as a largely erotic extravaganza that "will have outrageous sex appeal," focusing on the diva's various sexually-charged personas over her first two decades. 

There has been no indication that she will resume any of the kinds of religiously controversial roles she engaged in between 2006 and 2020 that earned her the title of "Whore of Babylon."

But perhaps this will not remain the case indefinitely. Her Vanity Fair portrayal of herself as a female Christ at the Last Supper in the company of twelve whores earned her considerable contempt from the religious right and the Catholic Church.

Nostradamus seemed to believe that extremists from the religious right would conspire against her in some manner. In Quatrain 6.73 we are introduced to two of these figures, although what secret deed they are planning for her is never stated. Nor is it clear who she is speaking to in a cellar.

The city is huge. It could be any of the major cities or capitals of the world, such as Rome, Paris, London, or New York ... or could it even be Montreal? 

Madonna's enemies are always perceived to be from the religious right. However, in the future, she may have enemies from both the Far Right and from the Far Left. There are a number of people who once followed the Far Left and Woke ideology who have abandoned those views and political contacts. When that happens, they become potential targets marked for Far Left vengeance.

One other religion, besides Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity, that Madonna may have to worry about is Islam.

In 2004, Madonna cancelled three concerts in Israel after Palestinian terrorists threatened to kill her and her two children. The singer was said to be terrified when she received threatening letters from an unnamed Palestinian group which mentioned details about her children, Lourdes, 7, and three-year-old Rocco, British newspaper The Sun reported. It quoted a source as saying Madonna was targeted because she was a symbol of the West and not because she practices the Jewish faith Kabbalah.

Five years later, in January 2009, the pop icon received death threats from Muslim extremists following the Israel Defense Forces' month-long offensive in the Gaza Strip, according to a report by the newspaper People. The report stated that an internet site affiliated with Muslim extremists quoted a top official of the Palestinian Popular Front committees' saying "If I meet her? I will have the honor of being first to behead her if they continue to spread their satanic culture against Islam."

An ISIS representative made a similar comment some years later, but the report seems to be missing. The "caliphate" as they called themselves believed she symbolized everything Western and decadent the group despised.

So, this is yet another direction from which Madonna could one day find herself imperiled. This part of the world may well be where a future Antichrist may be lurking.

The Blonde Supreme: A Seductive Femme Fatale

Madonna could probably live to be 120 ... longer if medical science offers a breakthrough in the next decade. With her great wealth and power, she would be among the first in line to live another 220 to 800 years. 

800 years? Really? How would that be possible?

In the final revision by Nostradamus of his Epistle to Henry II, he gives the year 2827 AD as the final year of future human history before the Second Coming of Christ and Millennial reign. 

Also, in The Book of Revelation, Chapter 9 reveals that humanity will finally achieve a kind of biological immortality. Demonic locusts from Hell will sting them for five months but there will be no relief from their torment because: 

"In those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them."

Obviously if Madonna became such an immortal creature, she could actually become the REAL Whore of Babylon!

But she has one other problem that goes back to her "Bad Girl" video days ... as well as the films she also made back then where she always ended up dead in the end. 

If she fails to refrain from glorifying her own death in photo shoots and shorts, her years may still be greatly reduced if two consecutive Nostradamus prophecies pertain to her. Perhaps her recent brush with death was even a warning. 

Madonna spent so many years in the role (or teasing the role) of the Whore of Babylon, as long ago as the "Like A Prayer" video in 1989, it left a permanent impression on Nostradamus. Nostradamus gave the procreation of "Babylon, a miserable harlot" an existence of "seventy-three years and seven months" in his Epistle to Henry II. This concerns the establishment of a future Babylon the Great, a major economic, entertainment, and strategic defensive hub in central Iraq that will be created by France and the West after World War III in the 2040's. But it is clearly ... or else coincidentally ... linked to Quatrain 6.74 because of the "seventy-three years and seven months" time frame, thus it functions as a numeric code for someone in that prophecy.

In Quatrain 6.74 he gives a famous female until the age of "three and seventy" (73) years before being killed by conspirators, her death in some odd way a triumphant one for her. By predicting it in a quatrain that is 74th of century 6, he is indicating it will be 73 years plus a number of months. It is likely it is the same number of months as in EPH2: "seven months."

What is really scary is that this quatrain immediately follows the "Modena" quatrain (Quatrain 6.73):

So here we are again:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

In a large city a monk and an artisan, lodged near the door, gate and at the walls:  Secret against Modena, in a cellar speaking, betrayed under false color of marriages. 

I am wondering if the word "marriages" (or "nuptials") is actually singular. That is "the false color of a marriage." Could it be a false marriage? This phony marriage may still be in the future! 

As I mentioned earlier, I did some checking and "Modena" can also be used as a personal name. There are sixteen related names for Modena, names that Nostradamus could have substituted "Modena" for, including Medina, Modene, Modenna, Maudine, and Madina. One of these sixteen related names, of course, is "MADONNA." 

Quatrain 6.74 immediately follows:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.74 ~

Chased out she will return to the realm, her enemies found to be conspirators: More than ever her time will triumph, three and seventy to death very sure.

Quatrain 6.74 is usually applied to Queen Elizabeth I who died at age 70. Nostradamus says she will die, "too surely", at "three and seventy" (73) but the commentators determined to make the quatrain work in favor of Elizabeth I explain the "three" as being the year of her death: 1603. I don't buy it; the seer did not combine an age and a year together as a phrase like "three and seventy" in that manner anywhere in his work. If he said "three and seventy" he indeed intended that to mean 73, the old style of saying an age in both English and French.

The 73-year-old woman of Quatrain 6.74 is therefore a mystery. Most Nostradamus scholars who do not buy into the Queen Elizabeth I theory are clueless as to who she is. She does not correspond to anyone in the history of royalty since the death of Nostradamus in 1566 nor any famous entertainer or actress in modern history. 

However, the fact that Quatrain 6.74 follows the Modena/Madonna prophecy in Quatrain 6.73 certainly suggests that this is again Modena/Madonna.

For some reason some of Nostradamus' quatrains, although largely scattered as to chronological order, retained their original sequence. We see this here and there in other places, sometimes as many as three quatrains in a row that are related, as well as a pairing. 

Thus, Quatrain 6.73 and Quatrain 6.74 may be unrelated, but because Madonna has called herself the Whore of Babylon in the past, this relates her to "Babylon, a miserable harlot" who has an existence of "seventy-three years and seven months" in the Epistle to Henry II. That, in turn, would seem to relate to "three & seventy to death too sure" (Quatrain 6.74).  

If Nostradamus did throw his prophecies up in the air like so much confetti and then picked up the pieces and published them in whatever sequence he picked each up, a method I somewhat doubt, we would expect no relationship to 6.73 or 6.74 from either 6.72 or 6.75. At best, one of these might be related to form a rarer series of three, but certainly not four in a row. I don't believe I have ever seen four related quatrains in a row. But three, in a few cases, I have.

Still, it may simply be a coincidence and nothing more. 

So what happens after 6.74 ... the verse that seems to deal with the death of "Modena" at age 73 and 7 months?

Nothing related it would appear:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.75 ~

The great Pilot will be commissioned by the King, to leave the fleet to fill a higher post: Seven years after he will be in rebellion, Venice to fear the Barbarian army.

Then again, the great Pilot is seen here paying his respects to Madonna. Could be after the funeral?

The "barbarian army" could indicate the coming East-West global war when Iran, Central Asia, and other countries throughout Asia will ally to form a "great Empire of Antichrist." Thus it could be related to 6.74 by time, but timing only. Then again, Nostradamus predicted seven world wars to come between 1914 and 2827. Plus a number of large, devastating regional wars that will not be considered global wars. Thus, this quatrain is impossible to pin down as part of a sequence. That is partly because this is the only time "the great Pilot" shows up anywhere. Nothing in any other verse by Nostradamus to compare him with.

What about the quatrain before the "Modena quatrain" (6.73)?

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.72 ~

Through feigned fury of divine emotion the wife of the great one is  violated: The judges to condemn such a doctrine, she is sacrificed a victim to the ignorant people. 

The wife of a "great one" (a very famous, rich, or powerful man) is raped. The circumstances of the act are such that the case is thrown out of court, but the victim is also harmed in some way by the local, regional, or world community. This one could apply in these unjust times, but only if Madonna marries a very powerful man, which is not too likely.

The quatrain that precedes this one, 6.71, is about the death of the future "great Monarch" of France and of the world who Nostradamus names as Chyren and Chiren in different quatrains. They are rearranged letters of the name Henryc (Henric or Henrick in the old French spelling of Henry). This man has either not yet appeared on the scene or else was pretender to the French throne, Henri, Count of Chambord and Duke of Bordeaux, who briefly reigned as king of France for only one week in 1830, dying at age 62 on August 24, 1883. Many who study Catholic prophecy believe Henri will be one of those counted among the saints to be resurrected from the dead during the three days of darkness. This "little resurrection" will be a one time thing, not having happened since the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, when many saints were also resurrected, and not to happen again until the time of the Great Throne Judgment following the Second Coming of Christ. In any case, Henri will marry like any normal man despite being restored from the dead.

Thus the wife of the future Henry V may be the one who is "violated" (raped) ...  a scandal Nostradamus allowed to appear after the death of Henry in Quatrain 6.71. She would be more likely to display a "divine emotion" and be seen in God's favor as the wife of the great Monarch. However, some historians believe this was about the rape and later murder by the mob of Marie Antoinette's best friend and confidant, Princess de Lamballe (Marie Thérèse Louise of the House of Savoy). Others say it was an substantiated accusation of rape by Marie Antoinette herself while in captivity: one more scandalous log on the fire propelling her to the guillotine by the angry, exasperated Revolutionary judiciary and the French people as well. Never was a queen so well loved and so well hated.

In any event, we appear to have two linked quatrains, 6.73 and 6.74, although it still is not necessarily so. Their link could still be coincidental. But if they are linked, the information in 6.74 is of extreme importance to Madonna as it gives the age and time of her death: age 73 years and 7 months in March 2032. What it does not do is tell us why she dies ... or how

Only one other quatrain gives us that information, providing it actually is to be applied to Madonna: Quatrain 1.39 ... which has never been fulfilled.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~ 

At night (or nude) in bed, the supreme one strangled for having spent too much time a high blonde: By three the Empire substituted, enslaved, put to death by card, letter nor packet read. 

I would point out that it matters little if Madonna, if this is her and not someone else, is blonde at this time. She may revert to being a redhead or copper-haired, or even raven-haired black, for that matter. She will always be remembered as one of the most famous blondes in history regardless of what her hair color is at age 73. At this time she is a blonde again, but after the Celebration tour is over, she could change once again to any hair style or color. Either way, it doesn't matter. She already has spent most of her career as a high (elevated) blonde, too long a period of time for Nostradamus not to have noticed ... one so great she was "supreme" over all others.

Nor can we overlook the fact that he says the supreme one with blonde hair will be found naked in bed ... which sounds very much like Marilyn Monroe. The first line of Quatrain 1.39 when read in modern French renders two possibilities depending on the punctuation: "At night in bed, the supreme strangled, for having spent too much time a blonde" or "Naked in bed, the supreme strangled, for having spent too much time a blonde" (also "having tarried for too long" or "having endured for too long"). The punctuation used, or if the quatrain is read in Corsican rather than in French ... and Nostradamus did write some of his verses in Corsican ... can change the wording ever so slightly or ever so radically in places. This is why over the years I have produced as many as five different translations of whatever major quatrains I tend to focus on often that have yet to be fulfilled.

Why does the blonde woman of this quatrain die? Apparently she is murdered or made a human sacrifice, possibly by two other people, possibly even by two other women. 

But there are also two overriding concerns, both from the past, that could be influences: 1) the Illuminati, and 2) Madonna herself.

The 2011-12 period (3 x 7 years earlier by the base 7 system) will be quite powerful in 2032. What happened then one might well ask?


No matter what Madonna does, she could end up like singer Whitney Houston.

Houston's career was long over by February 2012, yet she still was made a human sacrifice by the Illuminati ... at the same time Madonna was being exalted as a goddess during the Superbowl half time. The time had come for Whitney to pay the band. And likewise, for Madonna there may be no escape ... for hers could be an Illuminati-orchestrated murder, and she a willing or unwilling human sacrifice.

Whitney Houston was an Illuminati human sacrifice, sacrificed to the goddess Madonna! 

Alors que la plus célèbre a été faite DÉESSE sur le terrain du Superbowl, Whitney Houston a été forcée de prendre de la cocaïne et d'autres drogues, puis mise à nu et forcée de mourir dans la baignoire. Elle a été approchée par derrière puis sa tête a plongé et maintenue sous l'eau pour se noyer. La vérité sur sa mort est toujours gardée secrète ... seule une partie a été révélée.

Tout comme ce fut le cas de Rebecca Zahau quelques mois plus tôt, un autre sacrifice ultime de l'homme ... forcé à être lié, puis pendu nu par son cou d'une fenêtre haute à une longue mort. Une exécution publique. Un « mis en scène l'homicide. » «Du sang sur ses jambes» a été causé par un viol. Elle a subi des fractures aux structures antérieures du cou et des fractures des vertèbres du cou. Le cou était grotesquement étiré.

C'ÉTAIT DE VRAIS ÉVÉNEMENTS. Ils ne sont pas dit différemment. Ceux-ci étaient des meurtres, des sacrifices humains pour les Illuminati, et l'activité sexuelle était une partie des décès, des décès fait de se produire tout en ayant des rapports sexuels ou après. Les viols n'ont jamais été révélés. Ces meurtres étaient destinés à la pratique, au sacrifice humain ultime du plus grand des plus grands.

Et maintenant le sacrifice du siècle ... peut-être deux siècles! 

The precedent for the blonde-haired "supreme one" strangulation or hanging murder prophesied by Nostradamus was set in spectacular fashion in 2006 and 2011. One of these, the hanging "suicide" of Rebecca Zahau, was probably arranged by the Illuminati.

Indeed, a network of such precedents have been building since at least September 1927 to create the scenario outlined in Quatrain 1.39; each more ghastly and sensational than the one before.

Who is Madonna most like? Not Marilyn Monroe, who was another totally different icon. In fact not like any other famous actress in US or European history. Madonna's fame did not come from acting, but from music and dance. In the world of music she has had no female rival, only males like Michael Jackson or the band members of The Beatles. But in the world of DANCE, she did have ONE historical rival: 

Secondly and lastly, if she ever regains her "supreme" status, regardless of whether she is once again active as an "elevated blonde" (high blonde), one of her many death fantasies, possibly her most famous death fantasy of all as Louise Oriole, may play out for real ... at age 73. 

Madonna could probably live to be 120 ... longer if medical science offers a breakthrough in the next decade. With her great wealth and power, she would be among the first in line to live another 220 to 800 years. 

But she has one other problem that goes back to her "Bad Girl" video days ... as well as the films she also made back then where she always ended up dead in the end. 

If she fails to refrain glorifying her own death in photo shoots (such as those enacting the death of Marilyn Monroe and what could have been a potentially fatal attack on her by stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins in 1995), her years may still be greatly reduced if Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.74 pertains to her.  

It is bad karma posing as a dead Marilyn Monroe or knife-threatened Sharon Tate.

Chez elle en France, chez elle en Italie, de la nouvelle terre elle retournera dans l'ancien monde. Elle se reverra blonde et plantureuse, la chanteuse des âges, la jeune vieille se prépare pour l'acte final. 

Cette femme sera la dernière des véritables grandes tragédies féminines avant la Troisième Guerre mondiale. Cela se produira probablement en mars 2032 si l'on en croit l'âge de la victime fourni par Nostradamus. Mi-mars, je devrais penser. La voyante française donne son âge à deux endroits, dans un quatrain et dans l'Épître à Henri II. Dans l'épître, il donne non seulement l'année de l'âge, mais aussi les mois. 

Après l'événement de 2025, le sien sera le dernier sur la chronologie Marilyn Monroe-Princess Diana jusqu'à bien après la fin de la troisième guerre mondiale. Dans l'après-guerre, il s'appliquera à nouveau, si à n'importe qui, à ceux qui sont membres de la royauté et de l'aristocratie comme il l'était dans le passé. Lorsque le "divertissement" reviendra sous forme d'opéra ou sous quelque forme que ce soit, il sera à nouveau appliqué aux artistes et artistes de divers types.

Elle deviendra la victime d'un grand meurtre planifié et conçu ensemble depuis 105 ans. Il y en aura une autre en 2037, mais la renommée de la victime sera éclipsée par le caractère horrible de sa mort (par décapitation). Celle-là ne sera jamais aussi grande vivante qu'elle deviendra morte. Elle ne sera pas américaine mais très probablement française. Ce sera la dernière année complète des industries du divertissement, de la musique et du cinéma telles que nous les connaissons. En 2038, une autre tragédie française sur une scène de concert déclenchera une Révolution sanglante et Paris sera incendiée. 

La plus grande femme au fil des ans dans le monde du divertissement, du cinéma et de la musique. Tellement pitoyable ! Le meurtre sera un outrage... il sera très coquin et il apparaîtra mis en scène.

La mort la plus grande et la plus scandaleuse jamais vue ! Sa mort sera planifiée à l'avance et elle le désirera. Ce sera un suicide en étant une victime consentante d'un meurtre sexuel. Il faudra cependant des mois avant que cela ne soit connu. 

Trop longtemps, trop longtemps, elle avait joué la femme fatale blonde dans les films et sur scène. Maintenant, Louise Oriole sera retrouvée nue dans son lit, étranglée, le bas serré autour du cou, le visage souriant avec une expression de grand plaisir. Qu'est-ce que les yeux ont vu quand l'éternel vide leur est venu, le vaste blanc ? Oui, on dira qu'elle était malade d'esprit, qu'elle était pervertie ! Elle est donc morte heureuse, mais quel scandale ce sera quand même. 

Et qu'en est-il du tueur ? Où est-il ou elle ? Le tueur ne sera jamais capturé ni son identité connue. Ils ont fait ce qu'on leur demandait de faire.

The character of Louise Oriole was inspired by actress Louise Brooks as Lulu in the film, Pandora's Box (1929). 

Regarding her final scene in Pandora's Box, actress Louise Brooks once wrote: “It is Christmas Eve and she is about to receive the gift which has been her dream since childhood. Death by a sexual maniac.” 

Madonna: Secret Agent?

During her last tour, Madonna starred in the role of Madame X. It was her last "Whore of Babylon" related persona, unless she intends to return to the Book of Revelation personage again in the future. According to the pop singer, her role was largely that of a secret agent or spy, possibly a double agent working for both Russia and the United States (this was back in 2019-20, well before the war in Ukraine).

One quatrain by Nostradamus deals with the final actions and, sadly, death (once again) of such a person he calls Nanar, who apparently is both a spy and a whore. 

Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.85 ~ 

Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz,
The promontory of Mars will be placed.
For Hanaxaeci of Aquilon, Nanar removes the light,
 Then suffocates in bed without assistance.

I am using a more generic illustration of this quatrain because we do not know if it is about Madonna or someone else. But there is a woman who will come whom Nostradamus prophesies will assemble a great force towards or for Aquilon (the North or possibly Russia), one who "will vex Europe and nearly all of the Universe." This could involve the CERN project, a power so great that it could make "all of Norway disappear in the blink of an eye" according to prophet Edgar Cayce. Perhaps the final act of the female Russian spy, Nanar, will be to snuff out all of Norway's lighting, or even make it vanish, at the behest of a Russian leader.

Nanar will die from some sort of suffocation or strangulation in her bed, a fate consistent with Quatrain 1.39! This happens after she performs some sort of secret service for the Russian government. By 2027 or 2028, the US and Russia may become powerful allies ... providing we both get through the current crisis in Ukraine intact ... and any other future ones that may happen over the next three years.

If this is Madonna, perhaps she will have access to technology that will cause a nationwide blackout ... or a blackout even larger in size. Perhaps in March 2032, at age 73, she will plunge China into darkness at the behest of Russia and the United StatesAn EMP perhaps? Afterwards she strangles or suffocates herself in bed. I will have to study this quatrain again as "Nanar" (which can mean "whore" in old French) is an actual name found in parts of what was the former Soviet Union. 

If this is seven years later, in 2039, at the time of the "three days of darkness," this may be a future figure ... one who is a spy like Mata Hari. Of course, if Madonna continues to have medical science or AI technology keeping her young and healthy, and the year is 2039, it could be her at age 80.

On May 8, 2021, I received a comment on my site or else an email, can't recall which, from a viewer who indicated that a Nostradamus scholar suggested that Nanar (based partly on the Latin word "Nonaria" as Erika Cheetham pointed out long ago) is about old age and at the same time about a prostitute. 

An old whore of Babylon? Maybe.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 5.5 ~

Under the shadowy pretense of removing servitude, he will himself usurp the people and city: He will do worse because of the deceit of the prostitute, delivered in the field reading the false poem. 

In terms of espionage, the "false poem" would be propaganda. Perhaps the spy is also a propagandist, sending messages in the media to throw off the future enemy. If Madonna, we can add this to her list of talents. 

In the spy section of Almanac 1555 we run into a female figure quite similar to another in Quatrain 8.15:

Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.15 ~

Great exertions towards Aquilon by a masculine (aggressive) woman to vex Europe and nearly all the Universe. The two eclipses will be put into such a rout they will reinforce life or death for the Hungarians. 

This of course could be about the figure known as Nanar (discussed earlier above), then again it could be about Modena (Madonna). We still can not be sure at this time if Modena and Nanar are one and the same.

In the female spy section of the 1555 Almanac, again we have exertions against Aquilon in the southern part, the state of Florida on alert at sea, fire from the sky, terrible storms, and a nuclear attack on Italy, troubling the Vatican and the Pope:

Towards Aquilon to the south the great proud female, Florida in contemplation will hold the port. Eight, fifteen, and five what disloyalty. The evil spy will come to be permitted: 

Fire in the sky, lightning, fear, Papal terror, the West trembles, pressing too hard the salty wine. Six, twelve, thirteen, twenty will speak to the Lady, the older one by the female will be corrupted: Dijon, Guienne hail, lightning makes the first cut into it, the insatiable woman with blood and wine is satisfied. 

Amazing isn't it? This section of Almanac 1555 literally reads like a continuation of events in Quatrain 8.15. As Hungary becomes a charred battlefield and the "masculine woman" finally is forced to acknowledge that her "exertions" and connections in Moscow had largely failed her, she travels southwest and ends up in Italy in time to witness frightening weather and Russian missile attacks against that country, especially Rome. 

Whether she personally witnesses the naval battle off the coast of Florida is unknown, but at least symbolically she is there. You can't be in two places at the same time, and so after the attack on the Vatican, off she goes further west into France. There a group of twenty nervous officials from France and the United States discuss possible peace plans ... a way out of the war in progress. The female agent seems to be in on the discussion. 

Everywhere she moves, the same terrors in the sky she saw in Italy are going on in French cities and towns. The almanac ends with her drinking blood and wine, a symbolic reference to the Whore of Babylon who drinks the blood of beheaded Christian martyrs. 

Whether Madonna is the special double agent in the prophecies or it is someone else, the series seems to end with a great darkness in Northern Europe or even globally and the suicide of the spy and whore called Nanar in Quatrain 8.85 (70 quatrains after 8.15 which introduced the aggressive woman who travels as a spy to Russia, vexing Europe during two major eclipses and a war in the Balkans).

But wait! The Almanac of 1555 was about events the French seer believed would happen in 1555 wasn't it? The existence of the state of Florida holding the port at a time of war in the long verse by itself should dispel that notion. 

No, none of the events in any of the long verse prophecies called "almanacs," written each year from 1555 to 1563, ever happened because they were about far future events. The years given were simply the YEARS THEY WERE WRITTEN. The 1555 Almanac was written in 1555, but it wasn't ABOUT the year 1555.

Nostradamus favored putting most of his predictions in the four line verses known as quatrains. But he loved to amplify on certain subjects in other ways. The two epistles were written as dedications, one to his son and one to Henri II. But these were largely long prose prophecies where Nostradamus could elaborate in greater detail about some of the events discussed in his quatrains. Likewise the sixains gave him two extra lines of verse to work with in each verse and the Almanacs gave him a lot of lines.

Also there is the incomplete seventh century of his quatrains with 58 missing verses and also an eleventh and a twelfth century containing only a few verses each. Where did the rest of them go? They haven't been found yet, and maybe they never will be.